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Gift cards for Apple TV+

What is Apple TV+?

On November 1st 2019, Apple launched a new streaming service which is called Apple TV+. It is Apple's response to other services like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime. Apple will be producing tv shows and movies and have already had a handful of celebrities join them like Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Anniston, Steve Carell, Reese Witherspoon and Oprah Winfrey to name a few. All content is broadcasted in 4K HD and in Dolby Atmos sound without any commercials. Parallel to this, Apple has also launched 2 new services; Apple Arcade and Apple TV Channels which we touch on here below.

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How much is Apple TV+?

Apple TV+ is only $6.99 per month. You can also subscribe for a whole year for only $69.99.

Which devices does Apple TV+ work on?

You can watch Apple TV+ on the following devices: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, AirPlay, Roku and Amazon Fire TV. Please note that you can only set up a subscription by using iPhone, iPad or Apple TV when using iTunes credit. See further information below (How do I set up a subscription...)

Are there commercial breaks on Apple TV+?

Apple says they will not have any commercials breaks on AppleTV+!

How do I subscribe to Apple TV+ ?

You need to use iPhone, iPad or Apple TV to start a Apple TV+ subscription. iTunes will deduct monthly subscription payments from your iTunes credit balance:

  1. To start with you need to have your iTunes / App Store account's region set to United States and have enough credit (which are available on our website in the form of iTunes gift card codes) on the account to pay for the Apple TV+ subscription; How to redeem iTunes gift cards.
  2. Open the Apple TV app (on iPhone, iPad or Apple TV) and make sure that the device is running iOS/tvOS version 12.3 or newer.
  3. You should see an area where Apple TV+ is promoted. If not then go to "Watch Now" section and scroll down until you see "Apple TV+" promotion.
  4. Click on "Try it free" underneath the Apple TV+ logo. Make sure you have at least $5 credit available on your iTunes account before continuing. You should be getting the first 7 days for free as a trial.
  5. You might be asked for Apple ID and password to confirm.

What is Apple Arcade ?

Apple Arcade is a gaming service available on iPad/iPhone with iOS13 and also Apple TV with tvOS 13 and newer. To set up an Arcade subscription you need to open App Store app and look for the "Arcade" button by scrolling down the screen. The first month is free and then it's $4.99 per month after that. You can play games with game controllers, both MFi (Made for iOS) and PlayStation/XBox controllers via Bluetooth for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

What is Apple TV Channels ?

Apple TV Channels is a collection of TV providers which you can subscribe to through Apple TV app which is available on iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. We recommend you set up the subscriptions on one of these three devices and have iOS/tvOS version 12.3 or newer. Please note that you need to have an active SmartDNS/VPN service running for most of these channels. Here is the list over providers and monthly pricing (with and without ads):

Channels Description Price
HBO MAX Movies and tv shows $9.99 / $15.99 / $19.99
Disney+ Disney+ streaming service $7.99
Hulu Hulu streaming service $7.99 / $14.99
Paramount+ Movies, tv shows, news and more $4.99 / $9.99
Peacock Premiere League, sports, shows and movies $4.99
ESPN+ Live sport events, European football and more $9.99
FuboTV FuboTV streaming service $69.99
Amazon Prime Video Amazon Prime streaming service $6.49
Discovery+ Educational $4.99 / $6.99
Cinemax Movies all day long! $9.99
Showtime Movies all day long! $10.99
Starz Movies all day long! $8.99
Smithsonian Channel Plus Educational $4.99
History Channel Vault Educational $4.99
MGM+ Movies and tv shows $5.99
MTV Hits Music videos $5.99
Acorn TV Content from UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand $6.99
BET+ Black Entertainment TV - content geared towards black people $9.99
Comedy Central Now Comedy $3.99
Arrow Video Channel Movies from the dark side and netherworlds $4.99
IFC Films Unlimited Independent movies $5.99
Lifetime Movie Club Movies geared towards women $3.99
PBS Living Popular culture and educational content $2.99
Sundance Now Movies, tv shows, news and more $6.99
Tastemade Food $4.99

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